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Hello, my name is Hyun — I am a designer and technologist creating symbiotic relationships between information and people. I am currently working with researchers, engineers and designers at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York.
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Transcure Bio Ventures

Transcure Bio Ventures

2013-Current — Commercial :: Lead Designer and Developer working at Transcure Bio Ventures

Teaser image for the Transcure Bio Ventures project.

SYNOPSIS: Previously featured in Fortune Korea Magazine, and Forbes Korea Magazine as the top CEOs of South Korea, Bryan Kim contacted me to to work with him on a new project he had in mind. We were to create a new brand and strategy for his new company, Transcure Bio Ventures, which is a venture capitalist firm focused in bio-medical engineering.

Major Skills Applied

  • Branding Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • User Experience
  • Front-end Development

Collaborating with the founders, I have been given the responsibility of creating their brand, and its collateral for their new company, Transcure Bio Ventures and Biosciences. The collateral included design and production of stationary material, and a website. The website was designed with the founders and coded by me using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP on a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP Stack.


RESEARCHING CANCER MEDICINE and being paid for it is the dream job for any enthusiastic group of engineers. Connecting with this company was one of the ways to obtain that job. The company needed to appear friendly, yet also have a firm stance on the founding principles. The word "sterile" came to mind in terms of not only design, but the process of synthesizing the chemicals for medicine. With the color blue synonymous with words like "serene" and "comfort", it was the natural accent color for the brand. The accent colors were used in the edges of business papers, and visual cues in the brand.
Typography played a strong role in the design as the overall visual style being “sterile”. The visual effect of the typeface chosen needed to have a concrete presence on the header. In contrast, the accommodating body type needed to have a more friendly-looking typeface with smoother angles and less sharp edges. Illustrations plays a complementary role as typography is the main visual focus of the design.

The personas below were created from experience and assumptions with the founding members of the company. The goal was to target a variety of medical startups and/or students/researchers.

The users that we decided to focus on are not business people who market the idea (vaccines, medicine, etc) but brilliant researchers, students, and engineers who can present a proof of concept and perhaps a prototype. It is targeted to them as an enabling platform for people who want to contribute to the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


DESIGN THINKING AND PROCESS was fortunately part of the foundation of the company. It applied to creating strategies that appeal to people as well as the actual branding. The focus of the company collateral had to appeal to non-technical professionals, so it had to have an easy-to-use website and straight forward content. The digital content had to be available in the three popular platforms: smart-phones, tablets and desktops. The founders of the company believed that wide availability and a simple design on the stationary and website was needed to attract the most wide variety of audiences and to start a conversation.

Development focused on design, which allowed freedom of any way of execution and development. Utilizing HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX and some PHP, the webpage was created and tested for the three aforementioned platforms: phones, tablets, and desktops.

Final Product

Image of two logos of Transcure's divisions.
Image of two logos of Transcure's divisions.
Screenshot of the homepage in the website.
Screenshot of the homepage in the website.
Screenshot of micro-pages in the website.
Screenshot of micro-pages in the website.