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Hello, my name is Hyun — I am a designer and technologist creating symbiotic relationships between information and people. I am currently working with researchers, engineers and designers at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York.
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Rutgers University—Newark Housing

Rutgers University—Newark Housing

2012 — Commercial :: Visual Designer working at GDloft PHL

Teaser image for the Rutgers University—Newark Housing project.

SYNOPSIS: This was one of my first commercial projects under the guidance of GDloft PHL Studio in Philadelphia, PA with Allan Espiritu as the principal designer. The task was to bring the newly created print design identity for the Rutgers University Newark campus to the web.

Major Skills Applied

  • Visual Design
  • User Experience

This project was my first commercial project while working under GDloft PHL. With my growing skillset at the time, I have been responsible for the translation of existing print design and identity to a web experience. Producing the web experience involved in creating an information architecture, new interaction patterns, and visual elements that speak to the original printed collateral.


INSTITUTIONS of any type are conservative in terms of progress, always playing it safe. Unfortunately, "safe" mixed with "design" means that the project has a high possibility of not being expressive or interesting. However, the approach taken in the design process was to design for a younger audience while being safe and yet remaining refreshing. It was a challenge that GDloft PHL Studio and I have taken for Rutgers University.

The personas below were created from interviewing current students from dorms, and prospective students and their parents from various high schools.

With the given audience of students and their parents the objective of this website was to provide them with an appealing university housing option. The themes for the project were: "transition", "growing", and "welcoming”, chosen as the primary drivers for the experience. On top of appealing to the new students, a dedicated section for current residents was also needed, which will serves a utilitarian purpose, but reinforces the themes from a different angle.


PRIOR existing design with the slogan "YOU COULD BE" was the message that was established for the advertising campaign for Rutgers University of Newark's Housing Department. The visual design needed to be welcoming for both students and parents, and the navigation and experience of the website needed to be equally welcoming as well. With research data gathered from both students and parents, the landing page needed to accommodate for links and content needed to give them three things.

  1. 1. Applying and tracking status
  2. 2. Cost
  3. 3. Maintenance

Aside from those three things, other content did gather interest of users which were considered "one-time" use links. The survey and research was the backbone for the information architecture.
Although this project is not impressive in terms of visual design, it did include different aspects of design that I have not had experience with, such as translating concepts and transferring mediums (print to digital), user research, and involvement of developers and managers that are not in the design department. Also, this was my first time dealing with time and budget limitations with an aggressive design and code-freeze schedule. While learning many new things, the main goal of creating a welcoming and cohesive experience to prospective students and their parents of Rutgers Newark was quite an adventure.
Developer collaboration was unfortunately an issue due to the developers' talents and being in a restrictive Drupal CMS. This project spurred my passion of understanding computer programming and architecture. After noticing how insufficient some developers could be, I wanted to enable other designers to make their designs a reality in code.

Final Product

A screenshot of the Rutgers Newark Housing Website Homepage.
A screenshot of the Rutgers Newark Housing Website Homepage.