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Hello, my name is Hyun — I am a designer and technologist creating symbiotic relationships between information and people. I am currently working with researchers, engineers and designers at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York.
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Controversial Rutgers Merger — R2RMerge

Controversial Rutgers Merger — R2RMerge

2012 — Community :: Founder

Teaser image for The R2RMerge Group project.

SYNOPSIS: In early 2012, the Camden campus of Rutgers University where I studied graphic design came under fire. Seemingly out of the blue, Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, endorsed a plan to overhaul the higher-education system in New Jersey. Part of the disclosure called for my school to be divorced from the Rutgers family and merge it to Rowan University. Worse yet, the Governor's plan was utterly lacking in detail. Students, their parents, and alumni did not have much awareness of this plan, so I decided to start a campaign against it.

Major Skills Applied

  • Visual Design
  • User Experience
  • Full-stack Development

For the R2RMerge movement, I have created the original identity, and the initial collateral, which included a website, and a poster. Down the road, students, alumni, staff and other contributors from the Rutgers University campus and related organizations have contributed to paralegal written copy material, designs, and activism capacity.


CORRUPTION AND CAMDEN seem to accompany each other frequently when the city is mentioned in the media. At the break of the merger plan, it wasn't any different. The campus was just part of an elaborate plan involving both private investors such as George Norcross of Cooper Health Systems and New Jersey representatives including Senator Sweeney (D), Donald Norcross (D; Brother of George Norcross) to create an artificial state education funding pipeline by absorbing local property. Upon discovering the plan, I decided to create a website that allowed people to sign a petition against the plan.

The personas below were created from series of surveys, and analytics that were sourced from the initial website offering of the movement. As the movement has grown, my colleagues and I have created these personas to target directly to gain support for the movement in increasing awareness, but also increasing bipartisan exercises.

The idea of the website was to bring everyone up to speed on the plan and allow them to take action. Along with the primary purpose of signing an online petition against the proposed plan and possible legislation, the R2RMerge website provided tools like targeted template emails, VOIP phone calls, representative meeting broadcasts, and general information regarding the proposal. Later the website turned into an organization with a vast network of alumni and professors, which enabled physical outreach and activism.


"WE DID IT." was the last message I sent out to the 14,000+ people who have participated in the movement. After months of hard work from the Rutgers Board of Governors and Trustees, politicians, students, parents, alumni, faculty and many others, the Senate, No. 2063 State of New Jersey 215th Legislature was signed and the campus of Rutgers Camden was prevented from merging with Rowan University. *Current news of UMDNJ merger with Rutgers University is a different news and has been in the planning for awhile.


hotograph of a supporter of the movement holding the petition signature book.
Photograph of a supporter of the movement holding the petition signature book.
Photograph of the book cover for the petition signature book.
Photograph of the book cover for the petition signature book.
Screenshot of the homepage in the movement's website.
Screenshot of the homepage in the movement's website.