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Hello, my name is Hyun — I am a designer and technologist creating symbiotic relationships between information and people. I am currently working with researchers, engineers and designers at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York.
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2013 — Community :: Contributing Artist working with GDloft PHL

Teaser image of the ATLAS art project and exhibition.

Major Skills Applied

  • Installation Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Full-stack Development
  • Ad hoc Technology Interpreter

With Allan Espiritu, Principal Designer of GDloft PHL, I have been part of this project as co-artist during the process of designing the experience of the installation and producing the artwork with HTML5, PHP, Linux scripts on a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP Stack.


Atlas (2013) is composed of a series of various sized screens, where a number of invited participants upload images (of their work or of any image that inspires them at that moment, or that day, or that week…) during the course of the exhibition From here to there by means of a website portal. Akin to the painter Gehard Richter's image collection, Atlas, described as an "'organism' that continues to evolve and change,"(Helmut Friesel, Gerhard Richter: Atlas, introduction) Shoplifters of the World Unite and Take Over mutates and shifts too in both context and content over time. The physical piece was exhibited in the Stedman's Gallery at Camden, NJ.
Images will be transferred to the various screen sizes in real time. During the duration of the exhibition, the images will continually change; ephemeral in nature, audiences will never be able to apprehend the expanse of the work, until or unless documented in printed form, itself an impossible proposition. The nature of the work itself become a commentary about the transitory nature of electronic media in particular and about art itself, in general. Atlas (2013) or Shoplifters of the World Unite and Take Over (2013) challenges the notions of aura, ephemerality and value—that Walter Benjamin had circumscribed in his seminal essay “Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”—that we give to art and ideas in the age of electronic media. All images will be collected as documentation. By appropriating the images, gdloft—a design studio that serves non profit and art institutions —hopes to acquire the contributors' "perspective" and perception of the world, art, the self, etc.


Contributors range from international recognized artists to everyday people. As graphic designers, much of gdloft's inspiration comes from everyday people and interaction. The many contributors were chosen based on their works, writings or persona, and their influence on gdloft's own artistic process. Many of the contributors are artists and everyday people who challenge the traditional notions of design in use or have a different process and strategy for getting through life and have become personal inspirations for the gdloft artists. Espiritu and Seo were interested in expressing this "influence" from the micro to the macro level, from Andrew Santos, a 33 year old who quit his job to care for a terminally ill mother, to Min + Sulki, an internationally renown design studio based in Seoul, who are influencing new perspectives of graphic design in Korea. Other participants include( and not limited to): Jonty Valentine (Aukland, NZ) is a leading designer and critic in New Zealand melding fine arts and graphic design; Ken Kim (Oakland, CA) is a designer at Apple by day, and creates experimental, architecture inspired art works by night; Ahree Lee (Los Angeles, CA) is a video artist, experimenting in issues of time; Rebbeca Gimenez (Chicago, IL) was recently art director of the Whitney Museum and is part of the experimental design group, We are Photoshop; Juliette Cezzar (NYC) is a designer, educator and author based in New York City whose work is anchored in book design; Sang Do Kim is a poet/ designer based in Korea; Christopher Gianunzio (Philadelphia, PA) is a award winning photographer and curator whose photography mixes graphic design pedagogy; Kevin Kernan, is a designer/silkscreen artist inspired by anime and monster culture and Christopher Espiritu (Newark, NJ) is the brother of the artist and a practicing graphic designer in NYC whose professional track was inspired by his older brother. Gdloft's act of curating a group of people and artists addresses the theme of inspiration and influence, on the one hand, and of using the electronic screen as a continuously changing reflection on the world of images, always in transition, becoming transient, and both meaningful and meaningless.


Photograph of overall visual weight and presence of ATLAS in the gallery.
Photograph of overall visual weight and presence of ATLAS in the gallery.
Photograph of ATLAS' dot matrix printer spool.
Photograph of ATLAS' dot matrix printer spool.
Partial capture of the user submissions processed by ATLAS.
Partial capture of the user submissions processed by ATLAS.