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Hello, my name is Hyun — I am a designer and technologist creating symbiotic relationships between information and people. I am currently working with researchers, engineers and designers at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York.
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Anonymous Thanks Project

Anonymous Thanks Project

2013 — Recreational

Teaser image of the Anonymous Thanks Project.

CONCEPT: In November, I was given an assignment that dictated I was to create a socially based project. The project was permitted to have a direction of my own, but it had to be interactive with others. The initial idea was to create a post board of "thank you"s in line with the traditional theme of giving thanks for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, however the idea changed to accommodate the fact that there are always people thankful for something. The idea for the assignment evolved to a post board of anonymous or non-anonymous thank you messages to whomever the user wishes.

Major Skills Applied

  • Visual Design
  • User Experience
  • Full-stack Development
  • Technologist


AN ARSENAL of all the technologies I knew how to use were executed at the time. Since the project had no social or monetary repercussions upon failure, I decided to code many things I had not previously attempted to create so that the assignment would become a fun challenge for my own capabilities. AJAX was used heavily with PHP and MySQL to solidify a page-less experience. This project lead me to start studying real-time data processing, maintenance, architecture, and caching.
As the concept of posting a message and viewing it was similar to Twitter, the interaction design was influenced by it. The major differences were the fact no one truly owned the messages and every thanks was exposed to the world. The thank you cards updated in real-time and anyone could view them and share them via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. The color scheme of the project follows a Thanksgiving inspired palette.


Screenshot of the project's main page.
Screenshot of the project's main page.
Screenshot of user submission process.
Screenshot of user submission process.
Screenshot of individual message focused in.
Screenshot of individual message focused in.