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Hello, my name is Hyun — I am a designer and technologist creating symbiotic relationships between information and people. I am currently working with researchers, engineers and designers at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York.
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AIGA Philadelphia SPACE

AIGA Philadelphia SPACE

2013 — Community :: Lead Developer and Designer working at GDloft PHL

Teaser image for the AIGA Philadelphia SPACE project.

SYNOPSIS: The design theme for AIGA Philadelphia chapter's office was called SPACE. The main theme was a large collection of logos created by GDloft and other designers in vinyl applied on the windows of the SPACE. The AIGA Philadelphia chapter president wanted to apply all of the logos that were created in a digital and interactive way.

Major Skills Applied

  • Interaction Design
  • Installation Design
  • Full-stack Development

I have worked on this project with GDloft PHL and AIGA Philadelphia Chapter. I have mainly contributed in the interaction design and ActionScript development in Flash while the visual elements were done by other designers at AIGA Philadelphia, and GDloft PHL.


CAPTURING the new vibrant energy was the main concept for the interactive design. Since the physical space was new and the content within the SPACE was always changing, visitors were always filled with excitement.

The persona below was created from interviewing several graphic designers both professionals and students within the wider Philadelphia area; sourced from either university campuses or in the AIGA Philadelphia roster.

Utilizing motion capture and an interactive output allowed the project to absorb the excitement and give the energy back to the patrons. By allowing patrons interact with the physical space, it was hoped to have them remember their time and experience after they leave AIGA SPACE.


MOTION was the main capture point of the interactive piece. Utilizing a webcam, a large TV, and a low powered computer, an image recognition and motion separation algorithm was made to capture the "excitement" of the room and display a randomly chosen logo (from the SPACE logo repository) at the screen. The logo continually changes and follows the pace of the physical activity in the building. In order to keep the pace of the logo shifting to a consumable level, the motion separation algorithm detects the average level of activities in the room and normalizes it. The people involved in this project were...

  1. Allan, Design Principal :: Visual
  2. Jon, Visual Designer
  3. Hyun, Interaction Designer and Full-stack Developer

Along with the design of the software itself, the designers and I had to focus on the physical execution of this project because the project was being treated as an exhibition. Details that I or the other designers never had to focus on before, such as the placement of monitor, camera, and concealing the equipment had to be considered when installing the piece. Since the nature of the software followed close to a kiosk, configuring the operating system installed on the host computer had to be modified extensively so it did not create any disturbances in the experience. These kind of details made me imagine beyond the software world when designing for a good software experience in future projects.


Photograph of the SPACE with the logos and the interactive demo in the background.
Photograph of the SPACE with the logos and the interactive demo in the background.
Photograph of the SPACE's interior with the interactive demo in the background.
Photograph of the SPACE's interior with the interactive demo in the background.